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Online Guide - To Holistic Dentistry

Learn more about holistic health-based dentistry and the important role it plays in your overall health journey.

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Dental Guides & Resources

Healthy Mouth, Healthy You!

Book & Course

Holistic dental guide to transforming your whole-body health starting in your mouth.

Tooth Remineralization Guide

Digital Resource

Can you regrow teeth? Learn how you can remineralize your teeth and protect them from future damage.

The Complete Guide To Health-Based Dentistry

Digital Resource

Learn more about holistic dentistry and how it's whole-body health-based approach is so important. (NEED LINK)

Teeth Cleaning Protocol

Digital Resource

A simple but powerful 5 step guide to help you create a excellent daily mouth cleaning routine. (Need Link)

Healthy Mouth Diet Sheet

Digital Resource

The Healthy Mouth, Healthy YOU Diet Sheet will teach you: The Essential Teeth Building Vitamins for Good Dental Health and much more.

Living Well Resources

Self-Sufficient Living


A 12 step guide to help you gain security through learning to provide for yourself and your families.

Be Prepared, Not Scared


A 12 steps guide to help you become prepared for short/long-term emergencies.

30-Minute Meal Formula

Digital Resource

A simple, easy, foolproof formula to make meals in 30-minutes that your family will love.

Sourdough Starter Basics

Digital Resource

Using natural yeast is the natural to make delicious bread. Use this guide to help you get started by understanding what a starter is and how to store and use it.
(Need Link)

How to Produce & Store 80% of Your Food on 1 Acre or Less

Digital Resource


Making Bread the Natural Way

Digital Resource & Course

Dr. Jorgensen has searched for methods to improve her health and share the knowledge she finds with others. This book and video course share how to find out what you can do to improve your health through your “daily bread”.

Gardening Anywhere, Anytime For Anyone

Digital Resource

Dr. Michelle, teaches that you CAN garden anywhere, anytime, and anyone. The guide combines modern-day information with wisdom from ages past. Together we can learn to LIVE WELL.

An Introduction to Fermentation

Digital Resource

Almost every country in the world eats Fermented food. Korea has Kimchi, Europe has Sauerkraut, and Japan has miso. Learn tips and tricks and health benefits of eating fermentated foods.

Earthquake Preparedness

Digital Resource

Easy, Do Today... Prep and Prepare Tips for Earthquakes and Other Disasters

How To Live Without Refrigeration

Digital Resource


Remember, it is your mouth and your body. Take care of yourself and use this information to find a holistic dentist that can help you with that care.
To your health!"

Dr. Michelle Jorgensen - Healthy Mouth, Healthy You! - Book

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