Sleep Apnea, Tmj
& Airway

The experience, tools and training you need!

Finding and correcting the root cause of sleep apnea, TMJ, and airway issues. 

We give you the tools and training to find relief from headaches, neck pain, jaw pain, and more. 

It’s time to sleep soundly, live pain-free, and gain the energy you have been searching for.

sleep, tmj, & airway services

Long-term Sleep Apnea Treatments

Sleep apnea treatments are often just bandaids for the problem. Long-term CPAP and mouth appliances don’t correct the problem. We find the root cause and treat that for long lasting sleep improvement.

Interceptive Orthodontics with MyoBrace

Myobrace® therapy focuses on treating the underlying causes of growth and airway issues in kids, which can help your child with health and wellness for life.

Healing TMJ and Pain Therapies

Headaches, jaw pain, head and neck pain, and other concerns can all be related to your jaw position. We find root causes and offer corrective solutions.

Vertigo and Ear Therapies

Did you know your jaws and ears are very related to one another? Often ear problems and vertigo are related to issues in your jaw joint. We can pinpoint problems on a CT.

Other Services we Offer


Get the natural-looking smile you have always dreamed of without compromising your health with metals or toxic materials.


Specialized in biomimetic dentistry and trained to preserve the natural tooth we can provide you with healthy and natural-looking restorations. 


A detailed health-based approach to dental surgery that focuses on healing. Rebuilding sites that have lost bone and soft tissue and preventing bone loss.


We take a whole-body root-cause approach to your dental that will solve and correct issues—not just give you a temporary bandage.

We’ve learned that looking at symptoms and finding the root cause IS the way to increased and better health."

Dr. Myles Preble - Total Care Dental & Wellness

Meet our Specialized Team

Dr. Michelle Jorgensen - DDS

Dr. Michelle Jorgensen is an author, speaker, teacher, biologic/holistic dentist, and health and wellness provider. For more than 10 years she has been paving the way in Biologic/Holistic dentistry... learn more

Dr. DAVID Mishler - dds

Dr. David Mishler is a dedicated surgeon that doesn’t accept anything less than excellence and is dedicated to always learning and has been trained in Invisalign, Lasers, Cosmetic Dentistry, Tissue grafting, Dental Implants, PRF... learn more

Dr. Myles preble - dds

Dr. Myles Preble is the Total Care Dental & Wellness TMJ and Sleep Specialist. He is a member of Orthopedics, the American Dental Association, and the American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine... Learn more

Dr. derek preble

Dr. Derek Preble, is a graduate of Roseman University’s College of Dental Medicine and is excited the for the opportunity to help patients with a more comprehensive whole-body health approach... Learn more

Dr. lyndi jones - dds

Dr. Lyndi Jones is a graduate of Creighton University School of Dentistry. She is passionate about her craft and even more passionate about treating people well. She strives every day to do the right thing... Learn more

Dr. Bradley Tew - dds

Dr. Tew is passionate about dentistry! He loves making patients feel at ease and is dedicated to providing excellent, personalized treatment. He partners with his patients to help them understand what is going on in their mouth...
Learn more

“Holistic” means the treatment of the whole person, taking into account mental
and social factors, rather than just the symptoms of a disease.”

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